Sound Seller Productions
A Division of AdComm, Inc., is a 30+ year old audio and video production company
located in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts

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Sound Seller Productions Duplication Services

We provide our clients with the highest quality professional grade CD & DVD R media duplicated on high quality professional duplication equipment to ensure both high compatibility of data and accurate audio and video playback.

We offer full color digital printing and choices in packaging all at very competitive prices.

We start by using only the highest grade A quality CDs and DVDs. These are a cut above the media used by bulk duplication companies but will help ensure the highest compatibility and playback of your projects. We then make your copies using our computer controlled robotic duplication system.

Once your DVDs have been copied, our digital printing process gives your discs full color 4800 dpi, photo quality prints.

Next, we'll insert your discs into your choice of packaging. Packaging options include CD Jewel cases, paper sleeves or DVD style cases with or without printed inserts.


DVD DUPLICATION high quality DVD duplication with digital printing. from your supplied DVD and print ready artwork.

DVD Duplication Bulk Pricing ( Duplication, printing/ no case)     (DVD001)
Turn-Time	3-5 Day 
DVD-R 	Standard 4.7GB 
1000     $2.89 
500      $3.10   
250      $3.29   
100      $3.49   
50       $3.99  
25       $4.25

DVD Duplication in Jewel Cases (DVDJC2)
Turn Time	3-5 Days
DVD-R        Standard 4.7GB 
1000     $3.15
500	 $3.35
250      $3.55
100      $3.75
50 	 $4.25
25       $4.55

DVD Duplication in DVD Cases (DVDAMR3)
Turn Time	3-5 Days
DVD-R       Standard 4.7GB 
1000     $3.19
500	 $3.39
250 	 $3.59
100      $3.79
50       $4.30
25       $4.60

High quality CD duplication with digital printing. 
from your CD and print ready artwork.

CD Duplication Bulk Media Pricing (CD0001)
Turn Time	3-5 Day
2000	 $2.29
1000	 $2.39
500	 $2.59
250	 $2.69
100      $2.79 
50       $2.99
CD Duplication with Jewel Case Pricing (CDJC02)
Turn Time	3-5 Day
2000	 $2.60
1000	 $2.65
500	 $2.85
250	 $2.95
100      $3.05
50       $3.35

Shrink wrapping available at $0.65 each. DVD case insert color printing and insertion at $0.75 each. 24 Hour turn around available at additional cost.

Above prices are for duplication from customer supplied CDís and DVDís. Printing is from customer supplied print ready artwork.

Complete CD and DVD authoring and artist services available.

Transfer and conversion from film, tape or digital files available.

Complete video editing, color correction, digital special effects, animation and sound sweetening services available.

For a quote E-mail Us
Or call 413-443-7323 ext 307, 9am - 5pm EST

AdComm, Inc and any of it's affiliated companies will not assume any responsibilities for the safe delivery, handling or shipping of any CD, DVD, tape, film, disk or any media submitted for duplication.

It is strongly advised that only replaceable DVD's, CD's, tapes, film, disks or media of any kind be submitted for duplication. Duplication of copyrighted material should be avoided without the written consent of the copyright holder. Any copyrighted material submitted will be duplicated at the risk of the person, organization or company submitting the material. The duplication process is automated and we make no warrantees or claims for the integrity of the data that is duplicated. Defective duplicates will be replaced at the discretion of AdComm, Inc or itís assignees. is an Audio and Video distribution company
that sells family friendly and informative DVDs, CDs and tapes.

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